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In India home based jobs plays a very important role. Because in India working culture is totally different from foreign countries. In foreign countries everybody is free for doing job whether for male or female they don’t restrict anybody. But in India in such families females are restricted for doing job outside. Even they belong to middle class family but they don’t allow their daughter to go outside for job. And after marriage some families do not allow to their daughter -in-law for job. So in these situations home based jobs are very important especially for females. In India you can see every season, summer, winter,autumn and rainy season. Especially in summers people don’t want to go outside for job because it’s too hot in India. And during winter season people are used to be very lazy so they don’t want to wake up early in the morning so in that case they prefer home based jobs. People can choose their own working hours. Whatever time they are giving they are getting money out of that. They need not to rush for job here and there. People are more comfortable if they are working at their home. At sitting their home they can earn unlimited income. You can take the support of your family members for your work. Females can freely enjoy this job by working at their home they can morally and financially support to her family and by this job she becomes independent. She can do the household jobs, she can take care of her children through home based jobs in India. So Home Based jobs in India is a golden opportunity for earning.

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