Name of online jobs

Now days there are more than thousand methods are there to earn money. But the thing is you need to

know your capacity and skill that in which field you are good enough to work so you can choose your

work accordingly. You can work either online or offline now the choice is yours. In online jobs you can

earn through the searching websites , ad clicking , ad reading , Ad copy paste, on line form filing, online

survey forms, become a captcha solver, become a free-lancer, writing job, become a virtual assistant,

web design, micro working, through You Tube Channel, become an online seller, Domain Trader,

Website flipping, provide training and consultancy, stock and forex trading, earn money from

smartphone, sell photos online, sell old stuff on OLX or Quikr, social investment networks, review

websites & apps for cash, start your own website, Publish E-book, competitions, buy and sell domain

names, sell your stories and videos, source property for wealthy investors, Network marketing, E- Mail

marketing, selling data base, digital marketing etc. In offline jobs you can earn through by selling your

notes , teaching other students, sell crafts, earn money by updating and cleaning up of computer

softwares, cash back rewards, Baby sitting, pet sitting, sell used books, rent your vehicle, rent or share

rooms with other, data entry work. Hence it is proved that there are various methods of earning.

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  1. Rahul patil

    10th 12th iti
    Mechanic motor (vehicle)

  2. Ongmu sherpa

    No idea about that what to do I’m new

  3. aleem hasan malik

    No idea about that what to do I’m new

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